Wellsheet and Horizon Partner to Deliver Easy Access and Actionable EHR Data to Physicians


Craig Limoli


CEO and Founder of Wellsheet

November 2, 2021

Wellsheet and Horizon Partner to Deliver Easy Access and Actionable EHR Data to Physicians

Wellsheet and payers enable clinicians to improve care quality, patient experience and lower the cost of care.

Wellsheet is integrated with the leading EHR vendors and is partnered with over 40 hospitals. Today I’m excited to announce our first payer partnership with Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.

“Horizon is working to put the power of actionable data into the hands of New Jersey’s doctors and hospitals to help them improve care quality, better the patient experience, and lower the overall cost of care for our 3.7 million members,” said Joseph O’Hara, Horizon’s Director of Healthcare Marketplace Innovations. Access to Horizon’s HIE provides Wellsheet’s clinicians with “a full, 360-degree view of a patient’s clinical history,” O’Hara said.

Horizon is New Jersey’s top insurance provider. It has ranked #1 in member satisfaction among commercial health plans in 4 out of 5 years. Its members span 20 counties, which represents a third of NJ’s population. The Horizon and Wellsheet partnership provides Wellsheet with access to Horizon’s HIE, HealthSphere and Horizon member data is now accessible to Wellsheet-affiliated providers across the greater New Jersey area, as well as parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York.

This collaboration brings Wellsheet closer to its goal to provide complete, contextualized, and timely data for better patient care across the industry. The Horizon and Wellsheet partnership:

  • Improves provider productivity and the metrics tied to value-based care,
  • Facilitates better job satisfaction among physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers,
  • Reduces healthcare expenses by lessening duplicate or unnecessary procedures,
  • Provides Medicare Advantage plans with higher quality care and better health outcomes, and
  • Allows Horizon to record, collate, and deliver clinical and claims data within provider workflows.

Wellsheet is deployed in 7 hospitals in the RWJBarnabas Health network, a 10,000-physician health system that treats 5 million patients annually. Since adopting Wellsheet, RWJBarnabas Health has reported a 20% increase in patient throughput and 40% decrease in the time spent on EHRs. Wellsheet is integrated with  both Epic and Cerner, which hold 55% of the overall market share for EHR software as well as 85% of the large (500+ beds) hospital systems. 

Wellsheet is quickly becoming the leader in the race for more clinician productivity and satisfaction within EHRs. Its EHR-agnostic, predictive clinical workflow system surfaces important data and prioritizes clinical content into a customizable physician-friendly intuitive interface. Wellsheet’sEHR productivity layer requires only 30 minutes of training and can be in production in a matter of weeks. As a clinician uses it, the interface uses specialized machine-learning algorithms to assemble the most relevant information for a specific clinician treating a specific patient. Clinicians can plan and execute data-driven care plans and collaborate with other concerned healthcare players right from the app. The result is more time with patients, and less time looking for data.

Wellsheet uses the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) application programming interface (API), which allows it to pull and organize data from multiple sources quickly and efficiently. This greatly benefits clinicians working across different departments in the same facility or across different EHRs between facilities and health systems. Wellsheet was specifically designed for seamless integration across a variety of users and networks. It is easy to install and compatible across platforms. Fully cloud-based and optimized, Wellsheet also receives its updates without requiring any system downtime or user effort. Wellsheet’s success is unsurprising. “Wellsheet delivers a thoughtful redesign of workflows [that was] designed with doctors in mind to ensure that each clinician is able to quickly and easily extract customized, actionable patient data, receive immediate alerts, and make quality-based treatment decisions” said Dr. John Glaser, Wellsheet Board Director. “The response to Wellsheet is game-changing as the need to reduce the EHR burden on physicians has become a top priority for healthcare providers.” 100% of customers would recommend and buy Wellsheet again.

Download the implementation guides for both Cerner and Epic to learn more or click here for a 1:1 demo or to learn more about how you can customize your EHR experience.