Predicting what clinicians need to know
any specialty, any condition
all within your EHR

Wellsheet has earned federal recognition for its use of artificial intelligence to "enhance providers' experience with EHRs by making clinical workflows more intuitive, specific to clinical specialty, and actionable."

Leading health systems depend on Wellsheet to deliver:

The digital care experience that providers deserve.

  • Prioritization of patient data and decision-making resources that matter

  • Intuitive and flexible data visualization that's easy to customize

  • Actionable care gap alerts based on clinical guidelines and best practices

Improved quality measures and reimbursement for the health system.

  • Targeted surfacing of leading practice guidelines and in-house care pathways

  • Care gap management to track and improve the fulfillment of quality measures

  • Population-level insights to assess provider behavior across quality measures

Patient data across systems...

With added intelligence built in...

Clinical practice guidelines
Care gap identification
Predictive orders and charting

Prioritized contextually to fit in one actionable view:

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“Finally, AI that actually saves me time in my daily practice.”

Dr. Allen Gee, Wellsheet Physician User