Reducing Physician Burnout & Improving Patient Care

Transforming Clinician Interaction
with the EHR

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Wellsheet Used by Physicians at Concord Hospital Battling COVID-19 Outbreak

Predictive Workflow Platform
Provides Coronavirus Alerts, Clinical Visibility, and Reduces Time in the EHR and Physician Burnout

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Wellsheet for COVID-19

In this video, Dr. Frederik Lindberg, MD, VP Product, shows new Wellsheet features that help health centers with large numbers of COVID-19 patients.

Wellsheet also tracks and trends key patient parameters and helps synthesize prognostic indicators, such as the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score.

Stop Searching for the Data You Need

Your Patient Data Prioritized for You

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Wellsheet COVID-19 Functionality

Wellsheet shows COVID-19 status, isolation status and ventilator
use at the patient chart and list level.

Alerting for
Diagnostic Result
Census View of Patients
with COVID-19 Status
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Dr. John Glaser

Former CIO of Partners Healthcare
and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. John Glaser Joins Wellsheet

"The response from clinicians to Wellsheet is game-changing as the need to reduce the EHR burden on physicians has become a top priority for healthcare providers"

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Dr. Christine Cassel on Physician Wellness

"Physician burnout is a national epidemic, according to a recent report of the National Academy of Medicine which concluded that up to one half of doctors and nurses experience symptoms of burnout."

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Dr. Christine Cassel

UCSF Presidential Chair
Former CEO / President ABIM
News and Articles

By Craig Limoli

Founder and CEO of Wellsheet

Transforming the EHR Experience with Wellsheet

"The Healthcare industry is in the midst of the most significant health IT transformation since the advent of the electronic medical record. For decades, healthcare data has been siloed..."

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No More Interfaces

Our FHIR API-based integration means no interface builds, no maintenance, and less than a day of health system build.

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