Wellsheet for COVID-19

Wellsheet shows COVID-19 status, isolation status and ventilator use at the patient chart and list level. Providers can be alerted via push notifications when COVID-19 results are back. This helps with correct triage around limited resources such as negative pressure rooms, to get each patient to the right level of care as fast as possible.

Wellsheet as a standalone tool is optimized for mobile devices and gives clinicians structured access to all relevant EHR information. This is especially important in a crisis situation when resources are limited and providers are stretched to treat large numbers of patients in unfamiliar situations.

Alerting for
Diagnostic Results

Opt-in to get a push notification for any COVID-19 test result. The alert is linked to the right place in our app.

Census View of Patients with COVID-19 Status

View all patients in hospital by location/attending with associated isolation status.

Wellsheet Used by Physicians at Concord Hospital Battling COVID-19 Outbreak

Predictive Workflow Platform
Provides Coronavirus Alerts, Clinical Visibility, and Reduces Time in the EHR and Physician Burnout

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Wellsheet for COVID-19

In this video, Dr. Frederik Lindberg, MD, VP Product, shows new Wellsheet features that help health centers with large numbers of COVID-19 patients.

Wellsheet also tracks and trends key patient parameters and helps synthesize prognostic indicators, such as the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score.