Predictive Workflow Support

Clinical data visualization should not be one-size fits all. Wellsheet uses your specialty and the patient’s condition to surface the content you need most.

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Patient Storyline

Visual, problem-based charting

All your data in one place

Surface the most clinically relevant
problems, medications, and allergies
with predictive analytics.

Customized for you

Visualize a personalized summary of
the patient tailored to your needs.

Handoff and Smart Alerts

Address bottlenecks in care and drive throughput

Smart alerts

Notify users as soon as key new data hits the chart.

Discharge planning

Identify any barriers to discharge to
enable the team to address proactively.

Team-based care coordination
Ensure the entire care team is on the same page.

Cohort Identification

Ensure patients get the care they need, when they need it

Making the right decision the easiest one

Surface gaps in care and enable physicians to act on them with the click of a button.

Drive revenue for the system and service line

Ensure that critical procedures and trials are matched with patients every time.