Transforming the EHR Experience with Wellsheet


Craig Limoli


CEO and Founder of Wellsheet

February 19, 2020

Transforming the EHR Experience with Wellsheet

Only in the past several years have modern API-based architectures arisen in healthcare, bringing unprecedented opportunities to create more powerful, seamlessly integrated, and immediately scalable technologies to patients and providers in need.

Wellsheet is at the forefront of this transformation. We harness this new frontier of data liquidity to make providers’ lives easier. Wellsheet plugs in to existing EHR systems to reinvent the way physicians engage with clinical information. We use AI, not to tell physicians what to do, but to display the information they want to see and bring joy back to the practice of medicine.

Physician burnout is finally receiving the national attention it deserves. Now there is something we can do about it. At Wellsheet, we have a unique opportunity to address the problems inherent in the most essential part of our healthcare system: providing patient care. We are encouraged by the difference we’ve made already for thousands of providers across the country.

Physicians are encumbered by outdated technology with severe design flaws. Finally we have the means to deliver something better. Join Wellsheet in our mission to tackle the most urgent challenges in healthcare by giving care teams the tools they need to better care for patients.

Join us at HIMSS 2020 in Orlando, FL March 9-13