The Smarter Chart

We predict what practitioners need, they interact, we learn.

Problem-based visualization of chart data

The most important data, from across sources

Surfacing the most clinically relevant labs, vital signs, medications, and note content with predictive analytics

Customized for you

Content is driven based on clinical environment that's easily customizable and that learns from every interaction to better fit your preferences

Patterns that pop
Content is visualized across data types so that important clinical trends and patterns are easily and immediately discernible

Past encounters,
at a glance

Quickly familiarize yourself with recent visits

Easy access to recent A&Ps and discharge summaries from inpatient and outpatient encounters

Find patient information faster

Filterable by date, specialty, condition of interest.

Don't let care gaps
fall through the cracks.

Address gaps in care without the hassle

Wellsheet's patent-pending intelligent backend tracks and interprets tens of thousands of clinical practice guidelines so physicians don't have to.