Wellsheet Granted Patent to make
Electronic Health Records User-Friendly

Dr. John Glaser, former CIO of Partners, and Dr. Georgia Papathomas, former SVP of Johnson & Johnson, Join the Wellsheet
Board of Director

Intuitive and Predictive Workflow App for EHR:

NEWARK, NJ -- July 29, 2021  --  Wellsheet Inc.,  the company transforming the physician experience with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), has been awarded a patent for a system that is able to anticipate what clinical content is most relevant for a particular clinician treating a particular patient and present it in a format that is intuitive and tailored to that clinician’s preferences.

“This patent is a substantial step forward for the industry tackling the most pressing interoperability issues in healthcare and is making the EHR physician-friendly. What the industry has learned in decades of interoperability efforts is that as data becomes more fluid, the burden on clinicians to review that data increases, and the barrier to ensuring clinicians can easily access patients’ full medical history is often the sheer volume of data that they have to sort through,” said John Glaser, Wellsheet Board Director and former CIO of Partners Healthcare, CEO of Siemens Health Services and Executive Senior Advisor at Cerner. “Reducing physician burnout, by improving the EHR experience, is critical to the quality of healthcare delivered today and Wellsheet is leading the way.”

“The Wellsheet algorithms ensure that the most important clinical data is highlighted for physicians, substantially relieving the data burden. Over time, Wellsheet learns more about the clinician’s preferences, expediting clinical workflow, and improving productivity, efficiency and physician satisfaction,” said Craig Limoli, Wellsheet CEO and Founder. “We recognized the leading EHRs fail to meet clinicians’ workflow needs - Wellsheet was built to complement them with a user-friendly physician experience to enable a simplified, powerful EHR workflow.

With this patent, Wellsheet’s EHR-agnostic, predictive clinical workflow system can pull data from the EHR chart and prioritize clinical content through specialized machine learning algorithms. It assembles the most relevant information in an intuitive workflow that allows providers to quickly arrive at the right clinical insights. This layer on top of an EHR gives clinicians the ability to understand what needs to be done in real-time without compromising the provider-patient interaction. Physicians have reported:

  • 86% High satisfaction -  86% of physicians are highly satisfied per KLAS research
  • 57 Net Promoter Score (NPS) vs 3 for a leading EHR
  • 40% Reduction in time in the EHR-  correlate with reduction in physician burnout
  • Physician-friendly/intuitive interface - predicts and learns content most relevant to a specific clinician treating a specific patient
  • Training in under 30 minutes improves productivity
  • Deployment time reduced from months to weeks with fully API-based integration model
  • Reduces IT costs - fully cloud-based and web-delivered architecture, new features and updates are deployed with no system downtime or analyst effort

Wellsheet uses the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) application programming interfaces (APIs), and can pull and prioritize key patient data from multiple data sources, including both EHR and payer systems, with an accelerated implementation and deployment timeline. This is especially helpful for clinicians working across various sites of service in the same facility, or across different EHRs between facilities and different health systems.

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About Wellsheet
Wellsheet’s patented cloud-based, predictive clinical workflow platform works within an existing EHR to surface the most relevant content for physicians in a view that is intuitive and prioritized for their needs. It is integrated with both Epic and Cerner to reduce a physician’s time in the EHR, lessening physician burnout and improving the quality of patient care. Wellsheet is deployed enterprise-wide at large healthcare providers, and the company has partnered or engaged with payers and large government agencies. Learn more at www.wellsheet.com.

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