Wellsheet Used by Physicians at Concord Hospital
Battling COVID-19 Outbreak

Predictive Workflow Platform Provides Coronavirus Alerts, Clinical Visibility, and Reduces Time in the EHR and Physician Burnout

Newark, NJ  - April 7, 2020 -
Wellsheet Inc., the company transforming the Electronic Health Record (EHR) experience, announced today that their predictive clinical workflow platform is supporting physicians at Concord Hospital in New Hampshire during the Coronavirus pandemic. Wellsheet provides real-time diagnostic result alerts; visibility of all patients being tested or confirmed with COVID-19 by location, by attending physician, and by associated isolation status; and reduced exposure through shared workspaces.  Concord Hospital is tracking every potential Coronavirus patient from admissions through discharge with Wellsheet, which reduces the average time physicians must spend in the EHR chart.  This is especially critical as exhausted clinicians are being pushed to the limits providing care to patients with long hours and limited supplies and equipment. 

“Wellsheet is integrated with our EHR and is being used by the physicians on the front line at Concord Hospital battling COVID-19. It provides our clinicians with a real-time snapshot, like an “air-traffic controller,” of the key data they need on every potential Coronavirus patient, and has enabled us to better allocate resources. With Wellsheet, doctors have the data they need in one place, enabling them to quickly make the right clinical decisions,” said Dr. Paul Clark, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at Concord Hospital.  “Wellsheet on our iPads, phones and computers has been invaluable to our physicians during this outbreak providing our patients quicker response times and clinical decisions based on the best data available.”

“The health workers at Concord Hospital are truly heroes in this global COVID-19 pandemic, and Wellsheet is humbled that we are part of Concord’s arsenal today as they fight for their patients and the well-being of their clinicians,” said Craig Limoli, CEO and founder of Wellsheet. “We are grateful to visionaries like Dr. Clark and an innovative organization like Concord Hospital, who recognize at the highest level, and are addressing, the importance of clinician well-being and reducing physician burnout.

Wellsheet’s predictive clinical workflow platform pulls data from the EHR, prioritizes clinical content through specialized machine learning algorithms, and optimizes the provider workflow. Wellsheet assembles pertinent information in a meaningful way, anticipating the needs of the doctor to help facilitate a more effortless episode of care. It assembles the right information in an intuitive workflow that allows doctors and nurses to arrive at the right clinical insights. Having this layer on top of the EHR gives clinicians the ability to understand what needs to be done for the patient right in front of them without having to compromise the provider-patient interaction.

Ease of implementation
Traditional implementation timelines to integrate new technology with the EHR are usually prolonged, cumbersome and costly affairs. Wellsheet uses the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) application programming interfaces (APIs), and can pull and prioritize key patient data from multiple data sources for an accelerated implementation and deployment timeline. It also extends the experience to any web browser and any device, such as a tablet or mobile phone, with the same fidelity, and look and feel, across different environments. This is a huge plus for clinicians working across various sites of service in the same facility, or across different EHRs between facilities and different health systems. Wellsheet is a complementary and seamless part of the EHR, not an add-on that requires a separate login and password.

About Wellsheet
Wellsheet’s predictive clinical workflow platform uses the FHIR API standards to work within an existing EHR to surface the most relevant content for physicians in a view that is contextualized and prioritized for their needs. Its AI-powered workflow is intuitive and integrated with the leading EHRs to reduce a physician’s time in the EHR, lessening physician burnout and improving the quality of patient care. Wellsheet’s SaaS-based offering is deployed in large healthcare providers. Learn more at www.Wellsheet.com, follow us on Twitter @Wellsheet_Inc on Linkedin or contact us at info@wellsheet.com

Wellsheet Press Contact:
Mari Mineta Clapp
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